About Us

Advanta Property Funds provides investors with opportunities to invest in equity positions in selected property development projects.

We connect investors directly to property development investments through loan, preferred equity and equity investment structures. Our peer to peer (P2P) investments have historically provided investors with returns in excess of 20% per annum.


Advanta Property Funds is a division of Secura Funds (www.securafunds.com.au). Secura Funds also operates a mortgage fund division, connecting investors directly to property developers through peer to peer mortgage loans. Its mortgage fund, the Secura Income Fund, is a contributory mortgage fund and is a wholesale managed investment scheme for the purposes of the Corporations Act 2001. Secura Funds holds an Australian Financial Services Licence No. 402900 to conduct its business.


We have recently upgraded our AFS licence to allow investment by retail investors in relation to the issue of securities. While most of the Advanta investment funds will be structured for wholesale investors only, we will be structuring some of these investments as the issue of securities so that the investment will be available to retail investors. A retail investor is essentially any type of investor in Australia.


We expect to have other opportunities available in coming months. If you are a wholesale or sophisticated investor and you would like to register your interest in similar style investments, please contact Melinda Taylor at Advanta Property Funds on (03) 9654 1781 or email investors@advantaproperty.com.au.


For an investment in any financial product, you should read the relevant prospectus, product disclosure statement (PDS), information memorandum (IM) (if the product is only available to wholesale or sophisticated investors) and product and other updates available from Advanta Property Funds. You should consider whether the investment is right for you before making a decision to invest.